S.Africa’s Zuma defends finmin, demands spats end

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma on Friday defended his finance minister from attacks from the ruling party’s youth wing and called for action to be taken against ANC members who continue to argue publicly.

His comments, in a letter published on the party’s website, are the strongest yet following public spats between members of the alliance linking the African National Congress, trade unions and communist party.

Zuma said criticism of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan by the ANC Youth League was unacceptable.

“The ANC Youth League issued a statement attacking the Minister of Finance, Comrade Pravin Gordhan, referring to him as an unelected leader. Comrade Gordhan is one of the key and most senior leaders of the ANC and has come a long way,” he said.

“If you attack a minister you are also attacking the president, as you are questioning his judgment in appointing that minister … this behavior cannot be allowed to continue.”

The youth league, an increasingly vocal and significant political force within the ANC, last week accused Gordhan of not following party policy and of ignoring the plight of the young.

The move was just one of several attacks against other party or alliance members, with the league’s President Julius Malema also battling the communist party.

The outspoken Malema has unnerved investors with his calls, first made last year, for mines to be nationalised, and targeting Gordhan had threatened to add to uncertainty.



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