Nigerian parliament confirms Sambo as vice president

Nigeria’s parliament on Tuesday confirmed Kaduna state Governor Namadi Sambo as vice president of Africa’s most populous country.

“The Senate hereby confirms the nomination of Architect Namadi Sambo as the Vice President of the Government of the Federation,” Senate President David Mark said.

President Goodluck Jonathan, who was sworn in this month after the death of President Umaru Yar’Adua, surprised many by not choosing as his deputy a political heavyweight who would be well positioned to contest the presidency in 2011.

As a relative newcomer to national politics, Sambo is not seen as an obvious contender for next year’s presidential elections and his appointment could clear the way for a run by Jonathan himself.



One Response

  1. The nomination of Gov Namadi Sambo as VP to this country will promote peace if he listens to his conscience in dealing with tribal issues. He should not be manipulated by Political troubleshooters who wants to be remembered for stubbornness and distractions.
    The shout of ‘POINT OF ORDER’ today in the National house of Representative shows in my own opinion, that some poeple never wanted things to go so easily. But thank God for great wisdom given to Hon. Bankole who kept the situation under control.
    May God grant them the wisdom to rule and lead the country to an enviable, jealous able, agreeable and comfortable end.
    God said to the world, “let there be light”, may our lovely Presidents say to Nigeria, LET THERE BE LIGHT (ELECTRICITY).

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