There were indications, as the results of the rescheduled National Assembly polls trickled in, last night, that the elections may have created upsets in some states.
Results from polling units in Ogun State showed a comfortable lead by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) across the state with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN) trailing behind.

Results from polling units in former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s ward II showed that he lost woefully while his daughter, Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, who vied in the senatorial segment of the polls in Ogun central, may have lost her seat to Gbenga Obadara of the ACN.

The speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr Dimeji Bankole, who contested the federal constituency segment in Abeokuta, may also be on his way out for the ACN candidate, Segun Williams, with the early results.

The Senate president, Senator David Mark, contesting for re-election in Benue south, was said to be leading, as collation of results continued, with slight margin.

Reports also said ACN was leading in many Benue federal constituencies.
In Anambra Central Senatorial District, former Governor Chris Ngige was reported to be coasting home to victory while, in Kokokum-Opokuma, Yenagoa federal constituency, report had it that Labour Party was leading.

ACN candidate in Lagos Central Senatorial District, Chief (Mrs) Oluremi Zinabu; her counterpart in Lagos West, Senator Ganiyu Solomon; and the Lagos East candidate, Gbenga Ashafa, were reportedly in comfortable lead.

Reports from Abia State say the opposition parties have rejected the results of the National Assembly elections in the state.

The inference there is that the ruling PDP may have cleared the polls.

Reports from Ondo State indicated that the Labour Party, LP, was leading in two of the three senatorial districts – southern and central – where the immediate past Governor Olusegun Agagu and Senator Gbenga Ogunniya contested the polls.

It was gathered that Senator Bode Olajumoke was ahead of Prof. Ajayi Boroffice of LP in the results collated at press time in the northern senatorial district.

Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) was in early lead in the two polling booths at the State House, Abuja, according to reports.

Results of the polls from Abuja in
dicated that the PDP and CPC were making it neck on neck.

The results from the units are as follows:

Area 2 section 2 polling unit 010,

SENATE- PDP 53, CPC 83, ACN 7, LP20


PDP 57, CPC 90, ACN 16, LP 21.

Unit 007: PDP 58(Senate) 54(Representatives), CPC 89(Senate) 107(Representatives), ACN 12(Senate) 35(Representatives) LP 23(Senate) 10(Representatives).

Unit 006 Area 2 Section: CPC 99(Senate) 100(Representatives), PDP 107(Senate) 98(Representatives), ACN 20(Senate) 44(Representatives), LP 41(Senate) 34(Representatives).

Unit 005: PDP 59(Senate) 55(Representatives), CPC 82(Senate) 102(Representatives),LP 24(Senate), ACN 18 (Senate) 28(Representatives).

Unit 011: PDP 55(Senate) 52(Representatives), CPC 94(Senate) 103(Representatives, ACN 18(Senate) 25(Representatives) LP 13(Senate) 11(Representatives).

Area 2 section 1: CPC 99(Senate) 100(Representatives), PDP 107(Senate) 98(
Representatives), ACN20(Senate) 44(Representatives), LP 41(Senate) 34(Representatives).
Unit 008 Area 2, Section 1: CPC 208(Senate) 227(Representatives), PDP76(Senate) 74(Representatives), ACN 7(Senate) 14(Representatives), LP 16(Senate) 15(Representatives).
Unit 001A Federal Secretariat: PDP 57(Representatives) 58(Senate), CPC 61(Representatives) 50(Senate), ACN 15(Representatives) 8(Senate), LP 5(Representatives) 7(Senate).

001c Fed Secretariat: PDP 68(Senate) 79(Representatives), CPC58(Senate) 77(Representatives), ACN1(Senate) 11(Representatives), LP 9(Senate) 4(Representatives).
Unit 016, Area 8
PDP Senate 111, Representatives, 104; CPC, Senate 127, Representatives 140. Others scored less than 25, invalid 14, Registered voters 417, Accredited 187.

Karu Market Pu001
House of Representatives CPC 166, PDP 168; ACN-16, LP-14.
Senate: CPC -131, PDP 181, CAN-7, APGA 7.

PU 32/06/04/022 Mississippi, Maitama
Senate: ACN 21, ANPP8, CPC 185, PDP 106
House of Representatives: ACN19, ANPP9, CPC184, PDP106.

PU 37/02/10: House of Representatives: PDP111, CPC 273, ACN-89, APGA-20, LP-34.

Kubwa PU: Senate: PDP 118, CPC 84, CAN 24, LP 14. Reps: PDP 105, CPC 87, ACN39, APGA 52.

The breakdown of the National Assembly polls in Ogun showed that at the African Church Grammar School, Ita Iyalode, Abeokuta, where Obasanjo and his daughter, Iyabo, voted in the senatorial election, the ACN polled 167 votes while the PDP polled 64 and PPN, 5 votes. At the Agbeloba polling unit, directly opposite the head office of Obasanjo Holdings: ACN 191, PDP 36 and PPN 10 while at the African Church Primary School where Senator Ibikunle Amosun of the ACN voted, his party scored 259 votes as against PDP’s 40 and PPN’s 9 votes respectively.

At Ita Elega also in Abeokuta North, the ACN polled 305 as against PDP’s 110 and PPN’s 97 while, at Obafemi Owode Local Government Primary School in Adigbe, the ACN polled 482, the PDP polled 143 and PPN 123.

In Abeokuta South where both the Senatorial and House of Representatives took place, early result showed that the ACN was leading for the two seats. In Ago-Oba ward 13 where Chief Osoba voted, the ACN had 159 for the House of Rep and 182 for Senate while PDP had 38 for Rep and 40 for Senate; the PPN had five for Rep and nine for Senate.

Also at the African Church Primary School Idi-Aba in ward 9, for the House of Representatives, ACN had 152 votes, PDP 83, PPN 12 and CPC 3 while in the Senate polls, ACN scored 177 as against PDP’s 57 and PPN’s 19.

At the Isote Ward in Sagamu where Governor Olugbenga Daniel voted, the ACN was also victorious with 121 votes as against PPN’s 118, PDP’s 90 and Labor Party’s 27.
In ward 3 of Ifo Local Government Area where only the senatorial election took place, ACN polled 335 votes in the Senate election as against 75 by PDP and 75 for PPN while in the House of Representative, ACN polled 326 as against PDP’s 58 and PPN’s 65.

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